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myspa's services



polish application   $25 (15min)

cut, file, polish application 

french polish application   $30 (30min)

cut, file, french polish application 

natural manicure  $30 (30min)

cut, file, soak, cuticle work & massage

myspa manicure  $35 (45min)

cut, file, massage, cuticle work, buff & polish 

myspa french manicure  $40 (60min)

myspa manicure with french application

deluxe manicure  $45 (60min)

myspa manicure + scrub (with hot towel & longer massage)

gel polish application  $32 (30min)

cut, file, buff, gel application, cuticle oil 

gel french polish application  $38

cut, file, buff, french gel application, cuticle oil 

gel polish manicure  $48 (45min)

myspa manicure with gel polish  

gel french polish manicure $55 (60min)

gel polish manicure + french application 

gel polish removal  $20 (15min)

removal, buff, cuticle oil  (50% off when paired with any manicure)

senior spa therapist pricing: +$5



in-be-tweeny pedi  $35 (30min)

soak, cut, file, & polish application

natural pedicure  $45 (45min)

soak, cut, file, callus + cuticle work & massage 

myspa pedicure  $55 (60min)

myspa pedicure + polish application 

myspa french pedicure  $60 (75min)

myspa pedicure with french application   75min

deluxe pedicure  $65 (75min)

myspa pedicure + scrub (with hot towel & longer massage)

gel pedicure  $65 (60min)

myspa pedicure with gel polish 

gel french pedicure  $70 (75min)

gel pedicure with french application

gel removal  $25 (25min)

removal, buff, cuticle oil  (50% off when paired with any pedicure)

senior spa therapist pricing: +$5



registered massage therapy

30 minutes  $55

45 minutes  $75

​60 minutes  $95

90 minutes  $125

prenatal massage $90

prenatal massage $115


spa therapist body treatments

60 min relaxation massage $75 (60min)

performed by a spa therapist

body exfoliation $85 (45min)

body scrub and body massage 

indian head massage $80 (45min)

relaxing hair & scalp massage treatment. also includes a foot massage

 senior spa therapist pricing: +$5



myspa peel  $75 (45min)

hydrates, brightens and smooths skins texture 

myteen facial  $125 (60min)

customized for teenage skin;  12-18 years old 

myspa facial  $125 (60min)

customized facial with hand + foot treatment 

myspa deluxe facial  $150 (75min)

myspa facial with scalp treatment + massage

myspa facial peel  $150 (60min)

myspa facial with myspa peel
mini facial $62 (45min)

cleanse, exfoliate, tone, masque + moisturize   45min

back facial  $80 (60min)

a detoxifying and hydrating deep cleanse that is formulated to eliminate acne and pore congestion. this treatment also works to improve skin tone and texture by focusing on extractions and exfoliation. mini back & shoulder massage included

indian head massage $80 (45min)

relaxing hair & scalp massage treatment. also includes a foot massage

pro power eye peel (add-on) $15 (15min)

minimizes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles/ brightens under eye area

 senior spa therapist pricing: +$5


henna + lamination

brow tint $20 (15min)

enhances brows by naturally darkening colour  

brow henna $85 (45min)

enhances brows by darkening both hairs and skin (includes free wax) 

brow lamination $95 (45min)

aka 'eyebrow perm' tames unruly brows leaving them full, shiny & smooth (includes free wax & tint)

senior spa therapist pricing: +$5



consultation $15

an in depth education on how microblading works  15min

microblading $500

includes two sessions, completing your new brows  75min

maintenance $250

complete touch ups, keeping brows fresh & full  75min

 senior spa therapist pricing: +$5


face wax

myspa brow $20

brow & tint $30

brow & lip $25

brow & lip + tint $30

brow & lip & chin $35

face &  brow $42

face $32

lip $15

lip & chin $20

chin $15

special request $5+

senior spa therapist pricing: +$5


body wax

bikini $22

french bikini $32

brazilian $55

underarm $20

half arm $26

full arm $39

lower leg $35

upper leg $40

full leg $55

senior spa therapist pricing: +$5


male waxing

half back $40

full back $65

half chest $40

full chest $60

stomach $30

senior spa therapist pricing: +$5



lash tint $35

enhances lashes by naturally darkening colour   30min

lash lift & tint $89

enhances lashes by curling + darkening colour   75min​

senior spa therapist pricing: +$5



botox $8/ unit (45min)

cosmetic injection using (neuromodulator/ dysport/ botox) to soften and reduce facial lines and neck bands

microtox (price varies)

diluted neuromodulator used to treat redness due to rosacea and fine lines on the neck and décolleté

medical consultation $89 (30min)

meet with a nurse practitioner who can assess, diagnose and develop a treatment plan (including prescriptions) to help treat skin concerns like acne and rosacea

lip flip/ gummy smile $95 (15min)

creates the appearance of a fuller upper lip and/ or reduces a "gummy" smile using neuromodulator (aka botox)

mini lip plump $275 (45min)

dermal filler containing hylauronic acid used to restore volume and hydration to the lips

hyperhidrosis/ excess sweating from $199 (1hr)

neuromodulator (aka botox) is injected into the underarm area to reduce sweating (some drug benefits will cover the cost of this treatment)

TMJ jaw injections from $199

neuromodulator (aka botox) is injected into the masseter muscle of the jaw to minimize jaw pain, headaches and jaw clenching. treatment may also result in a facial slimming (some drug benefits will cover the cost of this treatment)

hollywood 'botox' facial $425 (45min)

neuromodulator (aka botox) is added to a mix of serums and 'stamped' into the skin using fine gold-plated needles. helps to treat fine lines and enlarged pores. treatment also gives the skin a lovely glow!

microstamping from $125

a mixture of vitamin, antioxidants and serums are stamped into the skin and customized to boost collagen production

vitamin B12 injection $30 (15min)

vitamin B shots improve health in so many ways! The benefits include:

- improving red blood cell formation

- works to prevent anemia

- improves bone health and risk of osteoporosis

improves mood and symptoms of depression

gives you an energy boost

- improves brain and heart health

- decreases the risk of macular degeneration

- supports healthy hair skin and nails

mic injection $45 (15min) - 3 for $120

aka the 'skinny shot'! our mic injection contains methione, inositol and choline as well as B12 to enhance your current weight loss efforts (healthy diet, exercise) by helping to boost metabolism, break down body fat, build muscle and improve energy levels. 

gluthathione $45 each

a powerful and detoxiflying antioxidant used to treat hyperpigmentation, sun spots and acne. this treatment also works to brighten the skin

jessner's peel ($150)

a medium depth chemical peel made of slaicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol. used to treat scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne. this treatment also gives a radiant glow to the skin. it is safe for all skin types and downtime if often 3-5 days on average

microneedling $299 (75min)  

a minimally invasive procedure used to treat acne scarring, uneven skin tone, rough texture and signs of aging. this treatment stimulates collagen production by means of controlled and precise microinjuries on the skin which are delivered via a microneedling pen. used in combination with serums this procedure helps to:

- improve skin texture and tone

- build collagen and elastin

- dissipate the appearance of scarring

- improve photo aging/ hyperpigmentation and stretch marks 

+ $60 neck & chest add-on

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