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you have the right to 'know before you go'!

"As of June 1, 2016 all personal services settings operating in Durham Region are required to participate in accordance with the Durham Region Personal Services Setting By-law # 17-2016.

Under the new program, each time a public health inspector visits a premises to conduct a routine inspection, one of the three Durham Personal Services Inspection Summary signs - Green (PASS)Yellow (CONDITIONAL PASS) or Red (CLOSED) will be given. Once a sign is issued, it is required to be posted immediately in a conspicuous area at, or near, the main public entrance to the premises establishment, such that it is clearly visible to members of the public." [source: Durham Regional Health Department]

disinfection practices

Due to the nature of the services we offer, myspa takes all disinfection procedures very seriously. Ever since our conception - we have adhered to the Durham Region Health Department procedures and protocols for proper disinfection of tools.

At myspa, we only use metal instruments, metal pedicure basins and metal manicure bowls in order to safely clean and disinfect the tools and bowls before and after each and every client. A thorough cleanse and intermediate level disinfectant approved by the Durham Region Health Department is used (70% Isopropyl Alcohol).

In the event our metals tools come in contact with any micro organisms, a thorough cleanse and high level disinfectant approved by Durham Region Health Department is used (1:50 Chlorine bleach solution).

Any disposable items such as a nail buffer, mascara wand and pedicure slippers are one time use only and immediately discarded after use.

Our Microblading services follow a very strict guideline to protect the client and Therapist performing the service. All blades come sterile with a lot number and are immediately disposed in a sharps container after use. All instruments used, even the metal handle that holds the blade are immediately disinfected before and after each treatment. The entire room including the table you lay on is cleaned and disinfected before and after every treatment.

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