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Dermalogica is the world’s leading professional skin care brand. Dedicated to supporting and promoting Skin Health, through the expertise of a Professional Spa Therapist.

For over 25 years, Dermalogica has been turning heads with the products, education and treatments that deliver your best skin ever. It starts with award-winning products formulated free of ingredients known to cause skin sensitization. It continues with your free professional skin analysis for customized results. It results in a lifetime of skin health. 

Dermalogica is used professionaly in our mini and myspa Skin Treatments. It is also available for retail so you can enjoy the benefits of Dermalogica at home!

Artistic Soak Off Gel Polish


Artistic Colour Gloss is a high gloss gel polish. Applied over the natural nail, it makes the nails durable and polish last for 2-3 weeks with no drying time! Choose from 50+ Artistic Colour Gloss polishes when you book a gel manicure or pedicure at myspa. Remove your myspa gel manicure or pedicure at myspa complimentary.

Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish


Gelish gel polish colour is a high gloss gel polish, just like our Artistic brand. Enjoy a long lasting, high gloss, no dry time manicure or pedicure today! Choose from 50+ Gelish colours from our wide range of gel polishes.

OPI Nail Polish


OPI is the leading nail polish brand in the world. Known for it's fun names and durability, OPI brightens up the myspa walls with it's wide range of colour selections. Currently we have over 100 nail polishes for you to choose from!

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