Make myspa yours!
Once you walk through our teal doors, you will never want to leave. Take a look at our menu and when you are ready to book, give us a call or stop by!

myspa menu


polish application   $25

cut, file, polish application   15min    

natural manicure  $30

cut, file, soak, cuticle work & massage   30min

myspa manicure  $35

cut, file, massage, cuticle work, buff & polish  45min

myspa french manicure  $40

myspa manicure with french application  60min

luxe manicure  $45

myspa manicure & scrub with hot towel   60min

gel polish application  $32

cut, file, buff, gel application, cuticle oil   30min

gel polish manicure  $48

myspa manicure with gel polish   45min

gel french polish manicure $55

gel polish manicure + french application   60min 

gel polish removal  $20

removal, cut, file, buff, cuticle oil   15min

gel removals are 50% off when booked with any manicure

senior spa therapist pricing: +$5


myspa peel  $75

hydrates, brightens and smooths skins texture   45min

myteen facial  $125

customized for teenage skin;  12-18   60min

myspa facial  $125

customized facial with hand + foot treatment   60min

myspa luxe facial  $150

myspa facial with scalp treatment + massage   75min

myspa facial peel  $150

myspa facial with myspa peel   60min

indian head massage  $80

relaxing scalp massage treatment   45min

senior spa therapist pricing: +$5

botox & fillers 

botox $9/unit

fillers 1/2 syringe $300

fillers full syringe $550

'double chin' injection $500 (per session)

'double chin' injection $1300 (for 3 sessions)

hyperhydrosis $750 (per area)

consultation free


tint - henna - lamination

lash tint $35

enhances lashes by naturally darkening colour   30min

lash lift & tint $95

enhances lashes by curling + darkening colour   75min​

brow tint $20

enhances brows by naturally darkening colour   15min

brow henna $85  

enhances brows by darkening both hairs and skin (includes free wax)   45min

brow lamination $95

aka 'eyebrow perm' tames unruly brows leaving them full, shiny & smooth (includes free wax & tint)   45min

What is the difference between regular tint and henna brows?
Regular eyebrow tint will tint the hairs only and lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Henna brows produce longer lasting results. Lasting up to 6 weeks on the hairs, it also tints the skin which is great if you would like a better shape to your brows.

face wax

myspa brow $20

brow & tint $30

brow & lip $25

brow & lip & chin $35

face &  brow $42

face $32

lip $15

lip & chin $20

chin $15

special request $5+

men's waxing



in-be-tweeny pedi  $35

soak, cut, file, & polish application   30min

natural pedicure  $45

soak, cut, file, callus + cuticle work & massage   45min

myspa pedicure  $55

myspa pedicure + polish application   60min

myspa french pedicure  $60

myspa pedicure with french application   75min

luxe pedicure  $65

myspa pedicure + scrub   75min

gel pedicure  $65

myspa pedicure with gel polish   60min

gel french pedicure  $70

gel pedicure with french application   75min

gel removal  $25

removal, cut, file, buff, cuticle oil   15min

senior spa therapist pricing: +$5



30 minutes  $50

registered massage therapy   30min

45 minutes  $68

registered massage therapy   45min

​60 minutes  $90

registered massage therapy   60min

90 minutes  $115

registered massage therapy   90min

prenatal massage $90

registered massage therapy   60min

prenatal massage $115

registered massage therapy   90min

60 minute hot stone: $115

massage using hot stones   60min

temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions

90 min hot stone: $150

massage using hot stones   90min

temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions

relaxation massage $75

performed by a spa therapist  60min

body exfoliation $85

body scrub and body massage   45min

reflexology $85

healing art via feet to balance entire body   60min



consultation $15

an in depth education on how microblading works  15min

treatment $500

includes two sessions, completing your new brows  75min

maintenance $250

complete touch ups, keeping brows fresh & full  75min


body wax

bikini $22

french bikini $32

brazilian $55

underarm $20

half arm $26

full arm $39

lower leg $35

upper leg $40

full leg $55

half back $40

full back $65

half chest $40

full chest $60

stomach $30