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myspa’s safety protocols  

Here at myspa, we uphold the highest standards of sanitation in order to provide our clients with a safe space to enjoy their relaxing services. Thank you for abiding by our COVID protocols and for choosing to
make myspa yours. 


At myspa, the safety of our staff, clients and loved ones has always been and will remain our number one priority. With this as our guide, we have setup new measures to ensure a safe environment and experience at myspa. Some new practices that you’ll see before and during your upcoming experience will be:

1.      Employees and clients will no longer be required to wear masks as of April 27th 2022. Staff will however be provided with masks for specific services. If you spa therapist is not wearing a mask feel free to ask them to use their provided mask as per your level of comfort.

2.     Our Spa Therapists are provided with new disposable gloves and a fresh face mask for each shift.

3.     Upon entry into the spa, every client will be required to sanitize their hands.

4.     Spa Therapists will continue to practice proper hand washing before and after each client, and after contact with soiled or unsterilized tools and surroundings.

5.     Social distance as much as possible in common areas.

6.     All professional products used will be sanitized after each use and stored in the spa’s cabinet or sealed container when not in use.

7.     Treatment beds and chairs will be sanitized after each client, and the use of blankets, towels and examination paper will be laundered/disposed of after each service.

8.     All surfaces and equipment will be deeply cleaned daily and sanitized before and after each use.

9.     All high touch areas throughout the spa will be sanitized every hour or if touched.

10.   For any high risk clients, we request and appreciate clients to use their own judgment on whether or not they require services.


The one consistency throughout this crisis is that there is no certainty about how the pandemic will play out.  With that in mind, should circumstances change at any point, or it no longer remains safe to operate, we will move swiftly to ensure 100% safety.

important to know:

  • no outside food or drinks

  • arrive with a mask on

  • only bring what you need (form of payment, keys, cell phone) 

  • come alone to your appointment

  • sanitize your hands when you arrive

  • your spa therapist will help with your polish colour to avoid touching polishes

Your patience and agility is so appreciated during this time to ensure we can provide a safe and welcoming environment. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you have any concerns or questions that we can assist with.  

what you need to know prior to your appointment


on the day of your appointment:

  •  please be wearing a face mask upon arrival

  •  please sanitize your hands upon arrival

  •  only bring what you need (form of payment, keys, cell phone)

  • no outside food or drink allowed inside the spa


prepare for your appointment - important tips:

can't do stairs
Please let us know if you are unable to safely go up and down stairs and we can ensure you are booked

in a treatment room on the ground level.

gel manicure or pedicure appointment
Ensure you have let us know to book appropriate time to remove gel that is pre-existing on your nails

prior to getting your gel manicure/pedicure done. Know that a French manicure/pedicure takes a bit longer so please ensure

you let us know if you prefer French on your nails.

brazilian wax
Hair must be a quarter of an inch in length or 3-4 weeks of growth.

Please note that if close to or actually menstruating, sensitivities are heightened so we recommend

having this treatment done the week after your period. No sexual activity, exfoliating of the area, or sun bathing or UV tanning for the first 24/48 hours.

eyelash lift & tint
For most of this appointment, your eyes are to remain closed.  
Ensure you have no makeup on
and note that your lashes
cannot get wet for the first 48 hours after your perm.

This also means no makeup on eyes or lashes for 48 hours.

The best way to contact the spa and to pre-book your appointments is via telephone at 905.492.2656

We look forward to seeing you!

xo myspa

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