botox & fillers
 Jean is currently on Maternity Leave, but you will still be taken care of by Nurse Artisan Jonathan who will uphold the same high standards of care they've always provided. 




Registered Nurse

Jean is a Registered Nurse with 11 years of Nursing experience ranging from Acute Care, Long-Term Care and Medical Aesthetics.  She has found her passion in Cosmetic Nursing and has since worked in the industry for 3 years as a Nurse Consultant specializing in Medical Laser treatments and Body sculpting procedures.

She is now offering her services as a Nurse Injector highly specializing in Cosmetic Injectables such as Wrinkle Relaxers (Toxin) and Dermal Fillers.  Her goal is to provide aesthetically-pleasing outcomes while providing a safe, individualized and client-centered treatment.  Her specialty is to build a face-plan to provide the most natural-looking results while enhancing your natural beauty.





Nurse Artisan / Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Jonathan is a Registered Nurse for 12 years with experience in Opthalmology, Gerontology and Surgical Care. He has been an Operating Room Nurse for the past 3 years in Lakeridge Health and has been around major and minor surgeries. His surgical experience is certainly a huge factor in how successful he will be in his career as a Nurse Injector – given the complexities of the human face and in managing and dealing with complications. He specializes in Botox treatments, Filler treatments, Platelet-Rich Plasma and Medical Indications of Botox; such as Hyperhydrosis and TMJ.  


botox & fillers 

​botox $9/unit

fillers 1/2 syringe $300

fillers full syringe $550

'double chin' injection $500 (per session)

'double chin' injection $1300 (for 3 sessions)

hyperhydrosis $750 (per area)

consultation free